Should I Get Implants or a Fat Transfer For my Brazilian Butt Lift?

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The Brazilian Butt Lift is a common procedure that lifts the buttocks. It is often done in conjunction with other body treatments. Having a Brazilian Butt Lift can make a profound difference in a patient’s body shape. There are two common ways a Brazilian Butt Lift is performed.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Correa routinely performs both procedures for patients of all ages. During your initial consultation, he will walk you through the pros and cons of each procedure based on your body type and ultimate goals. Below are the comparisons for each treatment.

*Individual results may vary

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer (also known as fat grafting) is a procedure where the surgeon performs liposuction (extracting fat from an undesirable area; stomach, thighs, etc.) then injecting it into the buttocks.

Pros: Results are immediate, however the final desired look may take up to a year after the procedure is finished. This is because the body needs time to form new blood vessels and has time to integrate with the new fat tissue. Fat transfers generally have a more “natural” look than implants. There is a low risk of infection with this procedure.

Cons: There are some risks with fat grafting such as feeling a difference in sensation on the treated area, firmness in certain areas, and limits to size change due to fat availability and ability to inject. Insurance will not cover the procedure. Patients with very little body fat may not be suitable candidates for fat transfer.

Buttock Implants

Implants are generally made of silicone material (similar to breast implants). Implants are inserted into or above the gluteal muscles in the buttocks area.

Pros: Implants do not typically require liposuction. Implants have a more dramatic effect on the overall body shape. Results are more predictable with implants than fat grafting.

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Cons: With implants, there is a chance of patients developing a seroma (fluid from surgery) that may occur post-surgery. There is also risk of infection requiring removal of the implants. As with fat grafting, insurance does not cover implant costs.

What’s Right for Me?

Every person and every body is different. Patients with very slim body types may benefit better from implants than fat grafting, while patients with more adipose tissue may opt for fat grafting.

Dr. Correa will help you determine the best route to take at the time of consultation. His goal is to help you fully understand the needs and goals of your desired body image. He will answer any and all questions you have regarding your prospective procedure, as well as insurance coverage or financing.

Dr Correa and his staff were extremely welcoming and helpful throughout my process with them. They made everything a breeze for me and the price for my procedures in comparison to his competitors only helped with my decision.

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*Individual results may vary.


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