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brazilian butt lift

No one quite knows where the term ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ came from but the name has stuck and perhaps refers to the stereotypically full and perky buttock associated with many bathing suit models from Brazil. This procedure typically refers to the use of fat transfer (i.e. fat grafting) in order to re-shape and volumize the buttock. The other common technique to achieve these goals is via buttock implants.

Quick Facts:

Average Procedure Time

4 – 6 Hours

Average Recovery Time

2 Weeks

Covered by Insurance



implants vs fat transfer

In my practice, fat transfer is the “go-to” option as this has the added benefit of doing liposuction throughout the body which allows me to better shape the buttock as well as improve the contour of the tummy, flanks, and thighs. However, some patients are too thin for this – they don’t have enough fat on their body to lead to a noticeable improvement in buttock volume or shape. In these cases, implants represent the best option.


fat transfer uses several ¼” incisions
implants use a larger incision hidden in the buttock crease

Body Contouring

Fat transfer requires liposuction of the body
Implants do not require liposuction


Fat transfer uses your own tissue
Implants are made from silicone, similar to a breast implant


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brazilian butt lift


“Brazilian Butt Lift is the pinnacle of body contouring as it is often done in conjunction with treatment of the entire body. This can lead to a profound transformation in ones’ appearance with lasting benefits.”


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