What Causes Mask Acne and How Can I Prevent It?

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Maybe you’ve noticed a few extra breakouts around your mouth, cheeks, and chin? You’re cleaning your face regularly and keeping a clean diet but the pimples keep coming back.

Here at The Woodlands Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, we aren’t spared from the effect of daily facial coverings and the acne that follows right behind. We consulted our Licensed Aesthetician, Susie Merritt, and compiled a breakdown of Mask Acne, also called Maskne, what it is, and how you can prevent it.

What is Maskne?

Maskne or Mask Acne is acne or breakouts caused by the humidity buildup while wearing a facial covering. The sweating and friction forms bacteria around the mouth, cheeks, chin, and nose, causing the skin to breakout with pimples or redness.


How Can I Prevent Maskne?

You can’t prevent wearing a mask while going out in public but you can prevent bacteria from building up on your skin.
Definitely clean your skin thoroughly before putting on your mask and going out for the day. Moisturize with a lightweight moisturizer. We recommend a moisturizer or serum with hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated but not oily. Don’t forget to clean your face again before going to bed!


Ditch the Makeup!

To keep your skin as clean as possible, Susie advises to skip wearing makeup under your mask. If it’s imperative to wear a makeup coverage while wearing a mask, we recommend using a lightweight tinted moisturizer with sunscreen instead of concealer or foundation. Our favorite tinted moisturizer is Revision Skincare’s Intellishade which comes in three different coverages – Original, Matte, and TruPhysical.



Choose Masks made of Breathable Fabrics.

Next, it’s important to avoid abrasive fabrics that can irritate the skin. Choose a mask made out of breathable fabric material such as 100% cotton. We know there are a ton of cute masks out there but to prevent the buildup of acne around your mask, skip the fashion statement and choose one that’s let’s your skin breathe even while covered up.



Wash Your Mask Regularly.

As important as keeping your skin clean, make sure to wash your mask nightly. Susie recommends keeping a few masks on hand so you don’t have to wash your mask every night. Use hot water to clean your masks. Skip the scented detergents, perfumes, and dryer sheets.



Sleep on a Clean Pillowcase

Sleeping on a clean pillowcase keeps the oils off your face while you sleep and therefore reduces the chances of a break out. Clean your pillowcase at least once a week or switch it out with a fresh one every few days to reduce oil buildup.



Are you suffering from mask acne? Give your skin a boost with a Hydrafacial treatment and a consultation with our Licensed Aesthetician, Susie Merritt. She will help you choose the best skincare products for your skin type as well as recommend additional practices to prevent future breakouts.

Book an appointment today or give us a call to schedule. Thanks for checking us out!


The Woodlands Plastic Surgery & MedSpa


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