How Much Does A Breast Augmentation Cost?

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If you’ve been considering a breast augmentation, you’re not alone. Plenty of women choose to get them. In fact, about 300,000 women opt for breast augmentation procedures every year, making it one of the most popular cosmetic procedures on the market. But if you’re concerned about the cost of breast augmentation and want to plan ahead financially, there are a few things that you should know.

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What Goes Into a Breast Augmentation?

There’s a lot that goes into a breast augmentation procedure. As a result, the costs can vary–overall, you can expect a procedure to be anywhere from $5,500-$8,500. Why such a wide margin? There are a few factors at play here. By looking at each one, you may have a better idea of what to expect. Let’s take a look at some of the main factors.

Type of Implant

The first thing to consider is the implant itself. There are quite a few kinds and much like each patient, each variety is different. The two main materials that you can expect to see are saline and silicone. Each has a different look and feel, and shapes/sizes vary depending on your preference. While you can usually expect saline to be cheaper, your satisfaction is the most important thing to consider is the look and feel that best suits you.

Surgery Fees

Surgery fees come from the hospital, the anesthesia, and the surgeon. A price estimate at the time of your consult will give you an itemized breakdown of where the costs are coming from. At The WoodlandsPlastic Surgery, we can provide you with a skilled, experienced, board-certified surgeon that can give you quality, natural results.

Breast Augmentation Consultations Available

Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

To make sure you’re a good candidate for a breast augmentation, you’ll have to schedule an appointment to meet with your prospective surgeon and settle on an estimate and the ideal procedure for you. Additionally, check with your surgeon to see if lab tests, routine medical exams, compression garments, and follow-up appointments are included in your estimate.

Invest in Confidence at Correa Plastic Surgery

Overall, it’s important to get the results you want. If you’re considering a breast augmentation, make sure you seek out the best treatment possible – be confident in your choice, and you’ll be confident in your results. At The Woodlands Plastic Surgery, we’re here to help you achieve your ideal aesthetic goals. And we’re here to help you every step of the way.

The Woodlands Plastic Surgery has several financing options for patients that would like to better themselves through cosmetic procedures. Speak with your Patient Care Coordinator today.

I was very nervous about trusting someone to perform a breast augmentation on my 17 year old daughter. She had suffered with pain and low self esteem for a few years, though, and really needed this procedure. She cried with joy at the results and I just could not be more pleased. She and I were so happy with his bedside manner and how he explained everything. The results are just amazing. I will definitely recommend him in the future if given the chance. We are very grateful to him!

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*Individual results may vary.


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