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The nose is one of the most prominent features of the face. Often this means that when we don’t like our nose we can’t stop looking at it. Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that alters the internal structure of the nose to improve its external appearance and/or function.

Quick Facts

Average Procedure Time

3 – 4 Hours

Recovery Time

10 – 14 Days

Covered by Insurance

In Some Cases


Ethnic rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure which alters the shape and structure of the nose to create balance and improve function while preserving the unique ethnic characteristics that the patient wishes to preserve. As a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon with great experience in Rhinoplasty procedures, Dr. Bryan Correa is well versed in the differences between the nasal structures and aesthetics of different ethnicities. If you are of Asian, African American, Hispanic or Middle Eastern descent, you can have confidence that you will receive the specialized treatment you need based on the structural differences of your nose and the ethnic characteristics you wish to preserve. If you’re looking at receiving ethnic rhinoplasty, read on for more information or give our office a call.

Ethnically Focused Rhinoplasty

No matter what your ethnicity, you are seeing Dr. Correa to correct some external feature of your nose or to improve function in breathing. The nose is unique to each individual and any changes must take into account the internal and external differences present in every case. The nose is the largest feature on the face and serves to define and balance the rest of the face. The goal of rhinoplasty in all patients is to soften features that create imbalance, but in patients with ethnic characteristics, great care must be taken to preserve the features that you value and which you feel define your heritage. Dr. Correa is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, so he understands the importance of this, and thus works to give you among the most balanced and natural results in ethnic rhinoplasty.



For example, in the case of Asian and African American patients, the nasal tips are rounder and less protrusive. In the case of Middle Eastern or Persian patients, often a dorsal hump that is too prominent or a tip that droops too much is of concern. Hispanic patients often demonstrate a mix or blend of these characteristics. Some patients want to completely remove these characteristics while others only wish to reduce certain aspects which they feel stick out, but don’t want to lose their attractive exotic appeal.

There are many techniques to address each of these problems. For example, in African American and Asian rhinoplasty patients, it is commonly important to build up the dorsum and define the tip. Excessive width in the nostrils or nostril flare is another concern that Dr. Correa addresses with his patients. The goal is to make subtle adjustments that produce the results his patients want, causing them to feel they received the best ethnic nose job possible, without losing the unique characteristics that define who they are.

Rhinoplasty: The Procedure

Prior to your procedure, Dr. Correa will discuss every aspect of your procedure in-depth. Dr. Correa crafts custom procedures for each patient who walks through his door. Whether you’re looking to correct aesthetic or functional problems caused by genetics or a past-trauma, Dr. Correa can help.

For subtle aesthetic changes or functional rhinoplasty procedures, Dr. Correa may enlist a ‘closed’ technique (where all incisions are made within the nostrils leaving no visible scarring) or an ‘open’ technique where incisions are made in easily-concealable locations at the base of the columella. Following surgery, the nose is typically taped and splinted.

The Recovery

In general, recovery after rhinoplasty procedures is fairly straight forward. You’ll likely feel comfortable returning to work and other day-to-day activities in about 7-10 days. Strenuous activities should be avoided for several weeks to allow your body to adequately heal. While many changes can be seen in the first 8-12 weeks after surgery, we don’t consider any results ‘final’ until 1 year as many subtle changes can still manifest 12 months after surgery.


Dr. Correa’s Philosophy on Ethnic Rhinoplasty

“I have Hispanic and Italian heritage and have lifelong friends from many cultures. I’ve even had the chance to experience many of these cultures first-hand, for which I truly feel blessed. One thing that has become clear to me from my experiences is that there are truly beautiful people of every ethnicity. It is my goal to help patients achieve this cultural ideal, and not to force an ‘American’ or ‘Western’ ideal upon them.”


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