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Over time, the skin on the face loses elasticity which causes sagging and wrinkling. This can cause a person to frequently look tired, sad, angry, or concerned when this is not the case. If your friends or family are constantly asking you if you are tired or upset about something when you are not, it may be time to consider a brow lift.

Quick Facts:

Average Procedure Time

4-6 Hours

Average Recovery Time

10 – 14 Days

Covered by Insurance

Not Typically


about the procedure

A brow lift, which is sometimes called a forehead lift, is performed to reposition and reshape the eyebrows, as well as reduce the appearance of horizontal lines on the forehead and deep vertical lines that form between the eyebrows. A brow lift can restore a refreshed and youthful appearance by moving the brows to a more elevated position, restoring normal brow shape, and removing excess skin and muscle which contribute to wrinkles. There are several methods used to achieve this result.

Coronal Incision Method

The classic coronal incision method uses an incision across the top of the head within the hairline. The forehead skin is lifted which redrapes and smooths any wrinkles, and also allows any necessary adjustments to the muscle to be made. The incision is then closed and because this is done well behind the hairline, any scarring is well hidden by the hair. This operation can raise the hairline and therefore should usually be avoided in patients with receding hairlines.

Hairline Incision Method

For patients with a very high forehead, the incision is done at the hairline. This allows the surgeon to lift the brow without altering the height of the front hairline. Depending on one’s hairstyle the incision is potentially more easily visible, but it represents a better tradeoff than creating an unnaturally high hairline. Additionally, with normal healing and meticulous surgical technique, the scar is typically not noticeable at a conversational distance. Hair styling can be done to hide the very minimal scar if this is of concern. Dr. Correa has performed many facial surgeries and is highly skilled at creating incisions that heal in an almost imperceptible fashion.

Endoscopic Method

The third method is done using an endoscope. An endoscope is a camera that is attached to a very small tube. Several small incisions are made on each side of the forehead—not completely across the forehead—and the surgeon inserts the endoscope in one incision and a special instrument in the other. In this way adjustments to the underlying muscle and soft tissue can be made which results in a smoother forehead and a reduction in the vertical ‘frown’ lines between the eyebrows. Scarring is minimal with this method as is the recovery time because the incisions are very small.



considering a brow lift?

In some cases, patients considering eyelid surgery can achieve the results they are seeking through a brow lift. Often when the brow is tightened, the sagging skin that is causing the eyelid to droop is effectively addressed. In some cases, a patient may benefit from doing both procedures. Fortunately, both these procedures can be safely done at one time enabling you to achieve excellent results with just one surgery and one recovery period, giving some of the fastest results from your brow lift.

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