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Breast Reconstruction is the aspect of Plastic Surgery that treats deformities of the breast due to breast cancer, trauma (accidents), or any other process which significantly alters the shape and/or function of the breast.

The most common indication for Breast Reconstruction is the re-creation of a breast following treatment for breast cancer – such as mastectomy, or lumpectomy (also called ‘segmental mastectomy,’ partial mastectomy, among other names).

Quick Facts

Average Procedure Time

5 hours

Average Recovery Time

3-4 Weeks

Covered By Insurance

Not Typically


There are two main ways to perform breast reconstruction: utilizing breast implants or utilizing your own tissues. Sometimes a combination of the two is performed.

Using Your Own Tissue

In appropriate candidates, extra abdominal tissue around the waistline can be used to create a breast. In many ways, this is similar to getting a tummy tuck, however, the extra tissue is used to create a breast instead of being discarded. This surgery has many names, commonly referred to as a “TRAM” flap or a “DIEP” flap.

Using Implants

in patients who do not have enough abdominal tissue to create a breast, or otherwise prefer not to do that surgery, breast implants can be used to create the breast. Most frequently, you must undergo a period of tissue expansion to stretch the skin you have to create space for the breast implant. Following the tissue expansion, a breast implant is then placed.


Dr. Correa delivers unique results to each patient with a initial consultation. By learning your cosmetic goals and performing a professional assessment, Dr. Correa will tailor your personal treatment recommendations to fit your needs and desires. 

1. Schedule Your Consultation


2. We Discuss Your Needs, Wants & Options

3. Schedule Your Appointment Date

4. We Help You become Your Best Self!


There are many options for breast reconstruction and not all patients are candidates for all options. There are many factors which go into determining which reconstructive option is best for you. Some factors are medical – such as whether or not you had radiation therapy, or what stage your breast cancer was. Other factors are more personal – such as your physical and anatomic characteristics and lifestyle.

Some Conditions Potentially Corrected by Breast Reconstruction Surgery:



a mastectomy is when all of the breast tissue is removed, oftentimes along with the nipple and areola. This is the most common indication.


Also called partial mastectomy or segmental mastectomy, when only the tumor and some surrounding breast tissue is removed. Oftentimes this can leave a visible “dent” in the breast which can become exaggerated after radiation therapy.

Dr. Correa’s Philosophy on Breast Reconstruction

“Breast reconstruction represents one of the most rewarding aspects of reconstructive surgery, and provides an important ‘silver lining’ to the rigors and hardships of treating your breast cancer.”


I am so happy that I trusted Dr. Correa

27 Oct 2019  |  realself user: apaulaw


Before choosing Dr Correa, I went to see a very well known PS that spent no more than 5 minutes with me during my first appointment. That was not a good experience, as I felt just like a number and I’m glad I left that place quickly. Then, decided to make an appointment with Dr Correa. (Best decision EVER!)

During the appointment I was actually surprised about how dr Correa took his time to go over all my questions, what my goal was and genuinely listened my concern. I was very hesitant to do surgery because of my petit frame. I relied upon Dr. Correa to give me his honest opinion on what would look the best/most natural with my body type and I am so happy that I trusted him and went with his suggestion. He is an expert on proportion and natural appearance!

My breasts look so natural and so proportional to my body. He is an artist! Also, I was very impressed with his post-op care. He called to check how I was doing and quickly texted me back anytime I had any questions or concerns. His staff was very professional and always making me feel welcome.

I urge anyone who wants breasts that look natural to their body to fully trust him and his expertise.

Dr Correa is the Best Doctor!!!!

23 April 2019  |  realself user: lnly

I met Dr Correa for a consultation and I knew he was going to be my guy! He is very personable, funny, knowledgeable and professional. His staff is very sweet and friendly, I always felt very welcomed. When Dr Correa did my surgery, he called me that night to make sure I was okay. He also checked on me a couple of times before my follow up appointments. He is very caring for his patients and he listened to my concerns. I am very happy with my results and I would highly recommend my family and friends to see him. His office is very clean, wait time is very minimal and I absolutely love him! Thank you Dr Correa for everything!

Dr. Correa is absolutely amazing!

11 February 2018  |  realself user: jillashlee99

Dr. Correa is absolutely amazing! It hasn’t been the easiest recovery but he and his staff have been very helpful and attentive. He has called several times to check on me and Gabrielle is very sweet and helpful – even when I have called to ask the same questions probably more than once lol – top notch surgeon and staff , he is definitely the best and I am very happy that I chose to go with him.

What an amazing physician!

14 July 2017  |  realself user: ashleynpederson


What an amazing physician! Dr. Correa and his office staff treat you like a family member from day one. Everything from the consult, surgery day, to post op was professional and he really went out of his way to make me feel at home. I never once felt like I was being “rushed along”, or felt like I was just another paycheck. This physician and his staff go the extra mile. The day of my surgery, he was fifteen minutes early! Fifteen minutes people! I work at a hospital and i can tell you no surgeries ever run on time, let alone early. I also appreciate the fact that he performs all surgeries at an actual hospital, not a outpatient surgical center. Dr. Correa even called me from his personal phone later in the evening after my surgery to check on me. His office coordinator, Gabrielle, and his nurse, are remarkable girls! They accommodate every rescheduled appointment and are very warm and caring. You are doing yourself an absolute disservice if you do not allow yourself to be sculpted by Dr. Correa! I promise you will not regret it!

What an amazing physician!

12 July 2017  |  realself user: lisharae143


I had an incredible experience with Dr. Correa and his staff! The procedure went wonderfully, and Dr. Correa did a PERFECT job! I am SO happy and grateful! Recovery has been so smooth and easy due to the professionalism, responsiveness, quality, care, and attention that they provide!


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