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breast reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction is the aspect of Plastic Surgery that treats deformities of the breast due to breast cancer, trauma (accidents), or any other process which significantly alters the shape and/or function of the breast.

The most common indication for Breast Reconstruction is the re-creation of a breast following treatment for breast cancer – such as mastectomy, or lumpectomy (also called ‘segmental mastectomy,’ partial mastectomy, among other names).

Quick Facts:

Average Procedure Time

5 Hours

Average Recovery Time

3 – 4 Weeks

Covered by Insurance

Not Typically


types of breast reconstruction

There are two main ways to perform breast reconstruction: utilizing breast implants or utilizing your own tissues. Sometimes a combination of the two is performed.

Using Your Own Tissue

In appropriate candidates, extra abdominal tissue around the waistline can be used to create a breast. In many ways, this is similar to getting a tummy tuck, however, the extra tissue is used to create a breast instead of being discarded. This surgery has many names, commonly referred to as a “TRAM” flap or a “DIEP” flap.

Using Implants

in patients who do not have enough abdominal tissue to create a breast, or otherwise prefer not to do that surgery, breast implants can be used to create the breast. Most frequently, you must undergo a period of tissue expansion to stretch the skin you have to create space for the breast implant. Following the tissue expansion, a breast implant is then placed.


considering breast reconstruction?

There are many options for breast reconstruction and not all patients are candidates for all options. There are many factors which go into determining which reconstructive option is best for you. Some factors are medical – such as whether or not you had radiation therapy, or what stage your breast cancer was. Other factors are more personal – such as your physical and anatomic characteristics and lifestyle.


breast reconstruction


“Breast reconstruction represents one of the most rewarding aspects of reconstructive surgery, and provides an important ‘silver lining’ to the rigors and hardships of treating your breast cancer.”





a mastectomy is when all of the breast tissue is removed, oftentimes along with the nipple and areola. This is the most common indication.


Also called partial mastectomy or segmental mastectomy, when only the tumor and some surrounding breast tissue is removed. Oftentimes this can leave a visible “dent” in the breast which can become exaggerated after radiation therapy.


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